AES Powers Through Projects to Get Ford KTP Set to Produce Aluminum-Bodied Trucks


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AES Powers Through Projects to Get Ford KTP Set to Produce Aluminum-Bodied Trucks

AES is proud to have taken part in the creation of the recent addition to the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, which has brought jobs to the community and a new look and feel to the Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks.

In support of the recently announced updates to the Ford Super Duty trucks, AES completed a series of projects to help the Kentucky plant produce its new aluminum-bodied F-Series trucks. The trucks will be available for sale in late 2016, according to TechTimes.

AES led the charge with electrical engineering efforts for the truck plant as it built out its new 30,000 square-foot addition that houses its aluminum stamping facility. As the design/assist electrical contractor, we worked with Ford’s existing operations to include the new 15kv high voltage cabling required to feed the expansion’s substation and relocated power feeders within the current facility. We installed a new power warning system for the new JIER press, which is used in the stamping and metal forming process. AES also performed site lighting upgrades for staging of semi-trucks at the facility.

In addition to the work on the stamping plant expansion, our team installed a conveyor system and cyclone scrap building where aluminum left over from the new truck production will be recycled. The cyclone works much like a centrifuge, where it spins incoming smaller particles into a spiral where heavier pieces fall to the bottom and can be collected.

For the new 290,000 square-foot paint shop, we also put 350 conveyors in place, plus the power and wiring required for the new painting process.

We are always happy to help local facilities expand and upgrade--especially when the additions help strengthen the both the local and U.S. economies.

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