Norton Commons Elementary School


Norton Commons Elementary School

Owner: JCPS

Construction Manager: Morel Construction

Building: 90,000 sq ft

Completion: Fall 2016

Electrical Contract: $2,200,000.00

Provide Norton Commons with a combined Elementary School and YMCA. The two distinct facilities will share the same site, and will be connected by a common gymnasium. This project involves close coordination between JCPS, the YMCA, and Norton Commons. Program includes Pre-K through 5th grades, gymnasium, cafeteria, media center. Energy saving strategies such as geothermal heating and LED lighting will be employed. Both of the facilities were built by AES.

  • State-of-the-art school facility, including interactive projectors, audio enhancement devices, and virtual desktop computers in every classroom
  • Offers computer, music, art, Spanish, library/STEAM, and physical education (PE) classes
  • Includes club programming as part of the special areas program, which provides students with enrichment classes in high-interest curricular areas

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